with and without solar film

I can’t see my computer screen properly…

Do you have direct sunlight pouring through your windows makign it hard to see computer monitors or TV screens? or is the sunlight fading the colours in your home or office? If so, then solar control window film its like sunglasses for your windows!

Applying window film or tint perfectly takes some getting used to. More so, DIY films available that are of low quality and can’t fully protect you from UV rays. So, if you want high quality work, leave it to the pro.
I’m Paul from Ruislip Signs, a sign-making solutions provider in NW London area, and I’ve been providing residential and commercial window tinting for several years. It may look simple, but if you’re not careful it can look sloppy with unsightly bubbles.
With my experience and high attention to detail, you’ll get a window tint with a clean and smooth finish.

Whether you want plain tinting for privacy or UV protection, to fading of furniture in glazed areas like a conservatory or if you need something decorative like frosted patterns or logos, I choose only the best film to ensure consistent quality for my clients, there is a range of options that offer different amounts of shade and privacy, I offer reasonable rates and the charge is per square meter. I’d love to have a chat about your requirements and I look forward to working with you soon.